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Organization International congress Shield Who are we?

International Congress Shield

Who are we?

The International Congress for Defending the Rights and Freedom of Citizens “The Shield”
It is an independent, non-affiliated international organization whose membership includes many professionals and people who dedicate their efforts to voluntary humanitarian work and to monitoring human rights in various parts of the world, including lawyers, doctors, journalists, writers, university professors, and experts specialized in the affairs of countries of the world, and they are of different nationalities.


The organization was established in the State of Ukraine on 8/19/2011 with No. 37871820 issued by the Ukrainian Ministry of Justice.

The World Shield Organization calls for:
All of our work for a world in which everyone enjoys the human rights guaranteed in the Universal Declaration implements all Security Council resolutions and binds states
Respecting human rights, especially in countries where armed conflicts abound.

The organization also looks forward to gaining the support of world public opinion and the entire international community to promote the human rights of all human beings. The organization’s researchers and representatives conduct investigations to find facts about human rights violations worldwide. The results of the studies are then published in the form of books and annual reports. The organization provides the latest information on Global conflicts in times of crisis – such as the testimonies of refugees and displaced persons, with the aim of creating public opinion and international reaction to wars in the world.
The organization is also concerned with international justice issues, the responsibility of global partnerships, academic freedom, prison conditions, and the conditions of refugees and displaced persons.

Combating discrimination, war crimes, and crimes against humanity, supporting existing non-governmental organizations, establishing independent and autonomous non-governmental organizations, strengthening the capacity and support of civil society, providing assistance and coordinating the efforts of members of civil society, supporting and protecting human rights defenders whose rights are being violated, and supporting human rights education and work In the interest of peace and the rights of peoples to self-determination Promote dialogue and solidarity between peoples and cultures

We struggle for human rights and spread the message of just world peace and tolerance among people. We work to encourage respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms for all people without discrimination based on race, gender, language, or religion, activating the language of dialogue and peaceful coexistence, rejecting violence, extremism, and racial discrimination, and defending the freedom of thought. Expression and striving to establish justice and equality all over the world… We are independent. The International Shield Organization does not receive financial support or assistance for the security of governments or the safety of parties, movements, or political forces.
The organization will continue to defend human freedom and dignity.

We strive to establish a new international order based on justice and equality among peoples and nations in which human dignity is preserved, and everyone enjoys security, stability, and cooperation.
A system establishes the values ​​of peace, dialogue, coexistence, and development and preserves the principles of international respect and non-interference in the internal affairs of states.
_ We urgently need a just and deterrent global force that defends legitimate human rights and guarantees freedom for all without regard to nationality, gender, color, and belief, to reach common human denominators that would protect the world from the repercussions of conflicts, chaos, terrorism and the spread of diseases
Poverty, hunger, and solving chronic problems

Struggle and act in support of universal principles of human rights

Concern for human rights and public freedoms.
Building a culture of dialogue and acceptance of others.
Resolving conflicts and combating the spread of violence.
Capacity building and dissemination of a culture of peace.
Fighting racial discrimination in all its forms.
Paying attention to women’s and children’s issues.
Crisis management and disaster prevention.
Fighting poverty, hunger, and disease.
Recognition of cultural and religious diversity.
Developing the productive capacity of the rural population.
Encouraging the rural population to be exploitative and self-reliant.

All of our work for a world in which everyone enjoys the human rights guaranteed in the Universal Declaration implements all Security Council resolutions and binds states
Respecting human rights, especially in countries where armed conflicts abound.
Ratify all human rights treaties and standards
and effective implementation of human rights treaties and international standards
and the adoption of new treaties dealing with substantive issues – such as against the death penalty or the recently approved Arms Trade Treaty
and institutional reforms at the United Nations to create a compelling and robust organization that protects human rights, including reform of treaty bodies and special procedures and the creation of a more vital United Nations organization for women’s rights

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