Разнообразный и богатый опыт начало повседневной работы
Задача организации, в особенности же дальнейшее
Идейные соображения высшего порядка, а также новая модель
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Daher Saleh Ukraine is a country of different nationalities that respects religious beliefs and human rights

By analogy with all countries of the world, Ukraine was and remains one of the first countries in which different races and nationalities live, where tolerance and peaceful coexistence among all nationalities and religious spectrums prevail. Ukraine is a country in which 134 nationalities live. During the years of independence …

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International Congress SHIELD recreational activities for orphans in Ukraine

The International Congress for the Protection of the Rights and Freedoms of Citizens “SHIELD,” headed by Dr. Saleh Daher, has organized entertainment activities for hundreds of orphaned children in Odesa, southern Ukraine. Establishing recreational activities for orphans, refugees, immigrants, and people with special needs Where these permanent and continuous charitable …

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Saleh Daher Muhamed

President and founder of the International Shield Organization to protect the rights and freedom of citizens. President of the International Diplomatic Union (IDU). President of the International Union of Journalists and Writers (IUJW). President of the International Peace Charity Association Founder and editor-in-chief of Al-Salam newspaper Founder and President of …

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