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Certificate of Acknowledgment and Appreciation to Dr. Saleh Muhamed Daher from Odessa Regional Medical Center for Mental Health

“Odessa Regional Medical Center for Mental Health” presented a certificate of thanks and appreciation to Dr. Saleh Mohamed Zaher, President, and founder of the International Shield Organization for the protection of rights and freedom of the citizen and text Dear Saleh Mohamed Daher! The administration of the “Odessa Regional Medical …

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In Egypt, Daher Saleh Mohamed, the head of the International Congress “SHIELD” was awarded the title of “Best Personality 2019”

The Egyptian Youth Campaign selected Dr. Saleh Mohamed Daher, President of the International Congress for the Protection of the Rights and Freedoms of Citizens “SHIELD,” as the best Arab personalities at the celebration party held on December 25, 2019, at the Safir Dokki Hotel, and the honor came after a …

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International congress Shield in Ukraine: the evacuation of large numbers of foreign students, residents and refugees across the borders of Moldova and Romania

After the ongoing war in Ukraine and the displacement of hundreds of thousands of civilians to neighboring countries, Dr.Daher Saleh Therefore, head of the World Shield Organization, participated in the evacuation of a large number of multi-nationality foreign students residing there and their families, who have been granted “asylum” protection …

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Peaceful coexistence and condemnation of the speech of incitement to racial and religious hatred and the promotion of tolerance in society

Since its inception, the International Shield Organization has been keen to protect freedom of religion and belief and the rights associated with rituals and worship by holding conferences, seminars, and publications aimed at human advancement and the exchange of opinions and ideas, and other freedoms that constitute the absolute pillar …

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