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Organization International congress Shield Who are we?

International Congress Shield Who are we? The International Congress for Defending the Rights and Freedom of Citizens “The Shield” It is an independent, non-affiliated international organization whose membership includes many professionals and people who dedicate their efforts to voluntary humanitarian work and to monitoring human rights in various parts of …

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Daher Saleh has been appointed International Affairs Advisor at the IOED Regional Office for Moldova, Ukraine and Romania. Official representation at the UN.

Within the framework of the official visit, the Ambassador and Permanent Representative of the IOED in the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine, the head of the regional office of the IOED for Moldova, Ukraine, and Romania. UN Representative Fyodor Gelich presented the President of the International Congress for the Protection …

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International Organization Shield congratulated IDP children, Happy New Year

12/30/2020 On the eve of the New Year, President of the International Congress “Shield” Daher Saleh Muhamed with representatives of the organization visited migrants from the ATO zone in Odessa, the center of children’s creativity “Happy Dolonki”, whose leader is Anna Aleksandrovna Skogireva. The representatives congratulated the children on New …

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