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The International Congress Organization “SHIELD” took part in the OSCE round table in Odessa.

President of the International Congress for the Protection of The International Congress Organization “SHIELD” Daher Saleh Muhamed took part in a regional round table for representatives of religious and belief communities, civil society, local authorities, the Ukrainian Parliament Commissioner for Human Rights, and international and national experts on freedom of …

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International Congress “SHIELD” War and Peace

Starting a war was never to achieve peace. Peace – can only be achieved through negotiations and dialogue. As for war, with all its dimensions and standards, its result is known in advance, namely destruction, devastation, displacement, and bloodshed. At the same time, construction and development stop, famine, disease and …

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Conditions and criteria for obtaining the title of Global Peace and Goodwill Ambassador from the International organization “Shield”

The Global Peace and Goodwill Ambassadors are a group of the most influential and well-known public figures who support The Shield in every corner of the world. They harness their influence to serve the causes of humanity and show unparalleled dedication to voluntary humanitarian work. In a precedent that is …

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