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Congress Shield Organization has been officially adopted in the Kingdom of Belgium.

The authorities in the Kingdom of Belgium have officially approved the Global Shield Organization “International Congress” SHIELD as a non-governmental, non-profit organization – operating throughout Belgium and the European Union with the number 794298356. It should be noted that the Congress Shield Organization is a member of the European Commission …

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Organization International congress Shield Who are we?

International Congress Shield Who are we? The International Congress for Defending the Rights and Freedom of Citizens “The Shield” It is an independent, non-affiliated international organization whose membership includes many professionals and people who dedicate their efforts to voluntary humanitarian work and to monitoring human rights in various parts of …

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International congress Shield in Ukraine: the evacuation of large numbers of foreign students, residents and refugees across the borders of Moldova and Romania

After the ongoing war in Ukraine and the displacement of hundreds of thousands of civilians to neighboring countries, Dr.Daher Saleh Therefore, head of the World Shield Organization, participated in the evacuation of a large number of multi-nationality foreign students residing there and their families, who have been granted “asylum” protection …

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