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International Congress “Shield” Humanity’s need is peace and security throughout the world

Every person strives for success, happiness, and the hope of nations to achieve progress, stability, and prosperity.
Suppose a nation wants to achieve for itself prosperous, civilized progress. In that case, it must have security on an individual and social level, according to what history testifies and confirms the experience of nations and peoples with ancient civilizations.
Security is the essential foundation and the essential rules on which the building of civilizations is built; it is the official language that characterizes a civilized person, an advanced society, a promising nation, aware of young civilizational factors and dynamic elements leading to the creation of a developed civilized society in which stability, peace reign, and tranquility.
The goal of human security is to protect the essence of all human life in a way that promotes human freedom and human self-realization. Therefore, it includes protecting people from dangerous and widespread threats and enabling people to take responsibility for their lives and seek comprehensive and integrated solutions. People-oriented, which does not replace the state’s security, complements it.
There is no doubt that today the world is groaning with many conflicts and wars between rival forces, opposing personalities, aggressive societies, and countries. Peace requires security.
Therefore, the road to peace is a challenging path, full of thorns and dangers, especially in our time, when warriors and merchants rule the world. At the same time, this is an easy way if there is a desire to recognize and respect the other, regardless of his gender, skin color, or religion. And all this requires the will to free ourselves from the legacy of a hate-filled past and build bridges for the future based on love, coexistence, and tolerance. A strong will is also needed to resist the projects of those who want to drive humanity to suicide to achieve selfish desires and ambitions.
From the above, it becomes clear that humanity needs peace, and human security will only be achieved by implementing his moral system with himself, his family, and his community until social peace is achieved, leading the nation to prosperity and harmony. With other people, which develops a sense of belonging to peace, security, and psychological balance and ensures stability for states and society. A world that creates people with high values, morals, examples, and principles, who know the meaning of dialogue and own the literature of disagreement without fanaticism and bloodshed, become the creators of peace and security for humanity.

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