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Conditions and criteria for obtaining the title of Global Peace and Goodwill Ambassador from the International organization “Shield”

The Global Peace and Goodwill Ambassadors are a group of the most influential and well-known public figures who support The Shield in every corner of the world. They harness their influence to serve the causes of humanity and show unparalleled dedication to voluntary humanitarian work.
In a precedent that is the first of its kind in the world in accrediting, appointing and appointing ambassadors of world peace and goodwill based on the rules of procedure of the organization in force as a global organization officially licensed in Ukraine and an official member of the Department of Economic and Social Affairs of the United Nations
And desiring to expand the organization’s work all over the world. Following the meeting of the General Assembly of the organization on 15_2_2021, the accreditation of ambassadors of world peace and ambassadors of goodwill across the globe was approved. After approving the appointment of the ambassador by the meeting of the General Assembly, the following steps are taken
_ Issuance of the ambassador’s certificate and the applicable decision after ratification by the organization and then ratification by the sworn clerk and the Ukrainian Ministries of Justice and Foreign Affairs, then ratification of the file by the embassy of the country of the ambassador
In Ukraine, then send the ambassador’s credentials to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country in which he resides / the ambassador / and then deliver the honorary diplomatic bag for the ambassadors and the official document of assignment, medals, and special certificates
The application form for obtaining the title of Ambassador of Peace and Goodwill is done exclusively by email
To / International organization “Shield” to protect the rights and freedom of the citizen
Application form for the title of Ambassador of Peace and Goodwill
We are pleased to apply to you for the Ambassador of Peace and Goodwill after completing all the procedures and conditions that must be met.
1- Name and surname:
2- Academic achievement:
3- Age:
4- The passport number, provided that it is valid:
5- Permanent address with nearest function point:
6- The name of the organization to which you belong or the voluntary team (optional):
Humanitarian activities and achievements, mentioning the date and place of the activity
Work experience and skills
Why would you like to be called an Ambassador of Peace and Goodwill?
Important note: The following attachments must be provided with the form: A copy of the passport and the curriculum vitae. Evidence of the implementation of voluntary humanitarian activities: a recent and not reproduced personal photo. (All applications that do not meet the conditions are neglected.)
Conditions for obtaining the title of Ambassador of Peace and Goodwill
1- He must not have been convicted of a felony or misdemeanor.
2- Good conduct and behavior.
3- A believer in the principles of human rights and peaceful coexistence. And the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and international conventions.
4- He must have five voluntary humanitarian activities per year.
6- Pay the financial fees to the organization for which the application for the title is submitted. The amount is determined by the organization receiving the request.
8- This certificate cannot be used for practical or personal purposes.


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