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Shield International Congress for the Preservation of Human Rights and Freedom

De internationale organisatie “Shield” ter bescherming van de rechten en vrijheden van burgers is een van de belangrijkste onafhankelijke mensenrechtenorganisaties, mensenrechtenorganisaties en humanitaire hulpverlening in Oekraïne. Het is een onafhankelijke, niet-gouvernementele, non-profit internationale organisatie Het lidmaatschap omvat veel professionals en mensen die hun inspanningen wijden aan vrijwilligerswerk en mensenrechtenmonitoring in …

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The International Congress Organization “SHIELD” took part in the OSCE round table in Odessa.

President of the International Congress for the Protection of The International Congress Organization “SHIELD” Daher Saleh Muhamed took part in a regional round table for representatives of religious and belief communities, civil society, local authorities, the Ukrainian Parliament Commissioner for Human Rights, and international and national experts on freedom of …

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Congress “SHIELD” Establishing recreational activities for orphans, refugees, immigrants, and people with special needs

Where these permanent and continuous charitable activities for orphaned children, refugees, immigrants, and people with special needs are considered one of the goals and pillars of the Organization International Congress “SHIELD” Reducing the psychological and social pressure on orphaned and poor children, deviating from their regular daily routine, and playing …

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The President of the Shield Organization receives the President of Izmail State Humanitarian University

On 11/8/ 2021, the President of the International organization “Shield” received Dr. Saleh Daher, Professor of Humanities at the Ministry of Education in Ukraine. Dean of Izmail State Humanitarian University Kishuk Yarslav Valerievich and Mr. Wedeldin Mikhail During the meeting, several issues related to cooperation between the Shield and the …

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Peaceful coexistence and condemnation of the speech of incitement to racial and religious hatred and the promotion of tolerance in society

Since its inception, the International Shield Organization has been keen to protect freedom of religion and belief and the rights associated with rituals and worship by holding conferences, seminars, and publications aimed at human advancement and the exchange of opinions and ideas, and other freedoms that constitute the absolute pillar …

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