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Задача организации, в особенности же дальнейшее
Идейные соображения высшего порядка, а также новая модель

The International Congress «SHIELD» in Odessa celebrated Refugee Day.

Since 2001, the whole world has celebrated the Day of Refugees every year. The UN General Assembly proclaimed this holiday on December 4, 2000. The number of people seeking refuge is only increasing every day. In Odessa, the celebration of World Refugee Day took place on the Temporary Accommodation Center for Refugees territory. The event was attended by: the Head of the Main Directorate of the State Migration Service of Ukraine in the Odesa region, Tkachuk Sergey Vladislavovich, Deputy Regional Representative of the UNHCR in Belarus, Moldova, and Ukraine Vanno Nupech, Head of the Refugee Directorate of the Main Directorate of the State Migration Service in the Odesa Region Oleg Vladimirovich Tkachuk, President International Committee for the Protection of the Rights and Freedoms of Citizens “Shield” and the International Charitable Foundation “Assalam” Dager Saleh Muhamed, representatives of state authorities and local self-government, various national-cultural societies and communities. The concert and entertainment program was presented by the pupils of the Odessa Center for Children and Youth Creativity “Promin,” the Temporary Accommodation Center for Refugees, the judo association “Victoria,” as well as the “UN” group with a cheerful medley of famous domestic and foreign compositions. At the festival, one could see national costumes and taste Afghan pilaf and Arabian sweets. Representatives of the International Charitable Fund “Assalam” presented gifts to the children present. President of the “Shield” Committee and the “Assalam” Foundation, Dager Saleh received gratitude “for cooperation with state bodies, support, and assistance in the formation, an adaptation of representatives of ethnic communities in the Ukrainian society of the Odesa region” from the State Institution of the State Migration Service of Ukraine in the Odesa region and a letter from the Odesa Center for Children and Youth Creativity “Promin” for active participation in the creative life of the Center.

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