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The International Organization “Shield” in Ukraine

The International “Shield” Organization for the Protection of the Rights and Freedom of Citizens is one of the most significant human rights and humanitarian organizations in Ukraine. It is an independent, non-affiliated international organization. Its membership includes many professionals and people who dedicate their efforts to voluntary humanitarian work and monitoring human rights in various parts of the world, including lawyers, doctors, journalists, writers, and university professors. The experts specializing in the affairs of the countries of the world, who are of different nationalities, were established in Ukraine in 2010 under the chairmanship of Dr. Saleh Daher due to the harsh and painful events that the world is witnessing, including conflicts, armed conflicts and bloody wars that have killed millions of innocent people and millions of refugees and migrants who have been displaced and displaced as a result of disputes and internal conflicts and others. The World Shield Organization has won many awards, honors, and certificates of appreciation from the highest levels by the official Ukrainian government, international human rights organizations, and civil society organizations for the great work it has done over the past years, and it has received official and popular respect in Ukraine.





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