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DAYS OF EUROPE: A meeting of the Council of the “Odessa UNION of Nationalities” was held

On May 14, 2021, as part of the celebration of Europe Day in Ukraine, a meeting of the Council “Odesa Association of Nationalities” was held in Odesa Mary. In which Daher Saleh Muhamed took part and spoke
Honorary guests took part in the meeting of the Council: Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Vasily Bodnar, Chairman of the Odesa Regional State Administration Serhiy Grinevetsky, Chairman of the Odesa Regional Council Grigory Didenko, representatives of the diplomatic corps and national cultural organizations.
Mayor Gennady Trukhanov Noted that interculturality is the basis of the mentality of the region’s inhabitants and drew an analogy between the Odessa association and the UN international organization: both organizations have common goals and promote the same values ​​- peace, security, development of cooperation between peoples and states.
One of the priority tasks of the Council is to promote the improvement of the ethnonational and ethnopolitical situation. An extended meeting of the Council, with acquaintances and exchange of contacts, is designed to stimulate further cooperation and resolve problematic issues, bringing even more positive results for the development of Odesa and Ukraine.
“Together, we provide conditions for the development of the diaspora, the realization of the rights and freedoms of their representatives. As well as contributing to the development of languages ​​of different nationalities, and, of course, the study of the state language,” Gennady Trukhanov noted.
I welcome the participants of the meeting; Deputy Foreign Minister Vasily Bodnar emphasized that Odesa is an example of tolerance for the whole of Ukraine and noted the importance of uniting in the formation of Ukrainian legislation and international relations. So, at the moment, the committee of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine is preparing a bill on national minorities. The recommendations of the “Odesa Association of Nationalities” will be helpful to the working group.


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